“STOP” represents some 500+ Kirkland citizens, at least 9 Homeowners Associations, and others who appreciate the value of our Kirkland Waterfront. We are concerned about additional traffic on Lake Street and Lake Washington Boulevard and want to see the property developed within the guidelines, zoning and intentions of the Kirkland Comprehensive Plan.

For further information on this process, Commercial and BN Zoning, or the Potala  project itself, contact STOP by clicking here

To send an email to the entire City Council, City Manager and Planning Director, click here.

To send an email to staff involved in reviewing the Building Permit application:
Angela Ruggeri
Eric Shields t
Thang Nguyen
Tom Radford
Tom Phillips
Tom Jensen
Rob Jammerman
Mary Isrig
Steve Lybeck

Please send a copy of all correspondence to STOP at

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