Some of the materials pertaining to this issue are listed here:

  • KCC – Potala – order denying reconsideration, June 3, 2013
  • Potala Reconsideration Motion, May 29, 2013
  • The Kirkland Comprehensive Plan, (aka Kirkland Municipal Code Title 17). In particular note:
    • Chapter XV.D regarding the Moss Bay Neighborhood
    • Page XV.D-22: “Considerations for Medium and High Density Development…”
    • Page XV.D-23 “Lands on the east side of LWB south of 7th Avenue S …”\
    • Page XV.D-24 “Lands on the east side of Lake Street South …”
    • Land Use page VI.7 – Residential Densities
    • Land Use page VI.14 – Definition of Residential Market
    • Land Use Page VI.15 – Map of Commercial Uses assigned by Geographic Location
  • Ordinance 3974 (2004 Comprehensive Plan) stated:
    • Introduction Chapter, Pg. 10-11: “Why are we Planning?,” “What is a Comprehensive Plan?,” and “How was the Plan Prepared?”
    • General Chapter, Pg. 1: “The City’s legislative and administrative actions and decisions must be in compliance with the adopted plan.”
    • Land Use Chapter, Pg. 8, “Residential Densities…”, Pg 17, Commercial Land Use Map (identifying locations approved for commercial uses), and Pg. 18, Definition of Residential Market, and “Uses may include…”
  • Kirkland Zoning Code (For those who like “all the details.” Note especially Chapter 40)
  • Materials given to developer by City during Presubmittal Meetings. To search, select “Kirkland” under “Jurisdiction.” Then “PRE+ 09+ 00072” for “Permit “. Then go to bottom and click “Search.” Note in particular:
    • Pg. 1: “Attached is a copy of the neighborhood plan which specifically applies to the subject property.”
    • Pg 2: “Whenever there is a conflict between regulations, the most restrictive provision applies.”
    • Pg. 6 & 16: (in a red frame and shadow) show the size of project next to single family homes & small condos.
    • Pg. 10: BN zoning requires 75% of the ground floor to be offices or retail outlets oriented to the main arterial.
  • The City maintains a ListServ on this project. To sign up, click this link. However, ListServ information has been of marginal timeliness and effectiveness. One will find more in-depth and current information here on this website
  • Potala Village Everett. This gives one an idea of what the proposed project on Lake Street might look like. If you would like to read the reviews on the Everett PV, click here. For an even more hideous example of this developer’s building style, click here to see “Pagoda Village” Everett.


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