Property History

Below is a list of annotated documents from City of Kirkland files related to BN zones and pertinent to the Potala Project. These provide a history of how unintended changes evolved in density designations due to complex and conflicting documents, policies, maps, codes, amendments and ordinances. The list is in chronological order.

Early History of property:

1977 Downzone & 1979 Legal Settlement with Neighbors
1992 Residential Market Designation
1995 Comprehensive Plan & Ordinance 3481
1997 & 2001 Failure to Implement Zoning – Ordinances 3606 & 3808
2004 Comprehensive Plan & Ordinance 3974
2009 Documents showing that the developer was advised of residential density limits
2010 Developer’s “Substantial Development Permit Application” appears incomplete
2010 Commercial Areas & Residential Market Implementation – Ordinance 4279
2010 Growth Management Act & Shorelines Management Act Requirements – Ordinance 4279

2011 Dec Unintentional Zoning Increase to Unlimited
(“Kirkland Views” has published several well-written articles. See also this February 2, 2012, “Letter to the Editor“.

Description and History of the 3 Individual Potala Village Project Parcels:

The Potala Village property consists to 3 parcels we will call A, B, and C. Changes have been made to the Land Use and Zoning of each parcel individually over the years. The Timeline also includes information about the project as a whole:
Here is a brief history of the Potala Village property:

Potala Village (overall project, 2007-present)
2010: A proposal for a 183 unit apartment development was submitted by Dargey Enterprises
2011: Project reduced to 143 units with 316 car 2-story underground parking garage, to comply with setback and height restrictions.

Parcel A (9354900240, 21 – 10th Avenue South), historically a single family home
199?: Zoning changed from RM 3.6 to BN, but no one can determine why, how, or at whose request.
Oct, 2005: Sold to Dr. David Myaskovsky by Phyllis A. Nelson and Paula Louise Nelson
Jan, 2011: Parcel (together with Parcel B) sold by Dr. David Myaskovsky to Potala Village LLC

Parcel B (9354900220, 1006 Lake Street South), location of Michael’s Dry Cleaning and Bob’s Burgers
1959: Building housing Bob’s Burgers constructed
1999: Transferred by Gregory M. & Mary Kay Lambert to Lambert Living Trust by Quit Claim Deed.
Aug, 2006: Sold by Lambert Living Trust, Seattle, to Dr. David Myaskovsky (shown as then residing at this address). Property appears to be listed as “4” (Commercial) under “Abstract Use Category.”
2008: Listed as a foreclosure sale by Default Resolution Network, Seattle, with BN Zoning.
Nov,2010: Assessor’s Office lists property as “Commercial” (“C”) with “Highest and Best Use” of “Retail/Wholesale.”
Jan, 2011: Parcel (together with Parcel A) sold by Dr. David Myaskovsky to Potala Village LLC

Parcel C (0825059233, 6700 Lake Washington Boulevard), known until recently as the “Kiwanis Christmas Tree Lot”
Pre-2002: Multiple parties attempt to purchase property from owner, Luella O’Connor
2002: Property deeded from Luella O’Connor to O’Connor LLC
2005: Property deeded from O’Connor LLC back to Luella O’Connor
2010/2011: Dargey Enterprises obtains 99 year lease on property from Luella O’Connor


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